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Hopelijk tot volgend jaar
11-12-13 mei 2018


Kokopelli is about

• the world in the village of Gullegem

• cultural diversity

• an exciting variety of music

• ecological

The world pitches tents in Gullegem

Kokopelli is the Indian name of the god van music, joy and fertility. One comes across his image in the west of North and South America. A few years ago Kokopelli’s eye-catching appearance began to feature as the signboard for a real world music festival. The Kokopelli team devotes itself voluntarily to a three-day festival in en around ‘Goet te Wynckele’ in the centre of Gullegem.

Cultural diversity

Kokopelli is a festival with a message. People are introduced to foreign cultures: there are multicultural workshops, various stalls offering world cuisine dishes. Some organizations make visitors aware of hot topics such as fair trade, water shortage en housing problems.

Exciting variety of music

Kokopelli loves everybody: children, youngsters, elderly people, families, schools from Flanders, Wallonia and Northern France are welcome. We have facilities for wheelchair users and for the hard of hearing. Festival goers will enjoy stand-up comedy, DJs and bands from all corners of the world. In close collaboration with the Gullegem youth movements and societies Kokopelli aims at a cosy atmosphere offering street theatre, entertainment for children and adults.


Kokopelli is green. Keeping our ecological footprint as small as possible is one of our goals. This is done by means of special ‘waste islands’ and re-usable and decomposable material. Likewise, we expect festival goers to be environmental-minded.



This a common declaration of gay, bi and transgender organizations, reggae concert organizers and reggae festivals and the reggae community society in Belgium. Further 

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