18-19 mei 2019


Kokopelli festival aims at raising awareness of us living on planet earth. Kokopelli, more than music.

  • Kokopelli stands for present-day melodies and beats, influenced by all points of the compass.
  • Kokopelli chooses flavours and tinglings from all over the world.
  • Kokopelli is open to everyone – to people with limited resources, to people living with a disability and to people of all ages.
  • Kokopelli is concerned about its ecological footprint.

On the American continent Kokopelli is a  god of fertility. Kokopelli lets people taste the range of cultures on our globe, because they fertilize us, in the shape of feast, gathering and music!

Kokopelli ís the world of today. Kokopelli offers a view on your own world, ánd beyond. Kokopelli encourages you to reflect about the global impact of your lifestyle, accumulating in the annual festival in May. But Kokopelli is actually more than that, with activities and communication about cosmopolitanism throughout the year.

Kokopelli is entirely run by volunteers and supported by our partners (authorities, companies, NGOs…), bringing the world together.