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Hopelijk tot volgend jaar
11-12-13 mei 2018


Kokopelli wants to raise awarenness of our world, through a festival and more than music.

  • Kokopelli chooses contemporary melodies and beats with influences from all corners of the world.
  • Kokopelli chooses flavours and stimulants from around the globe.
  • Kokopelli is accessible to everyone, with specific attention for people with fewer resources, for those with disabilities and for people of all ages.
  • Kokopelli is well aware of it’s ecological footprint.

On the american continent Kokopelli is a god of furtility. Kokopelli invites people to taste from the variety of cultures on our planet. These can bring furtility under the form of a party, togetherness and music!

Kokopelli stands right within today's world. Kokopelli offers a spectrum on it’s own world, and around it. Kokopelli therefore wants to make people think about the global impact of it’s own lifestyle.

This has a highlight during the annual festival in May. But Kokopelli is more than music, with actions & communication about world citizenship throughout the year.

Kokopelli is run entirely on enthusiastic volunteers who, with the support of our partners (public authorities, companies, NGOs, etc.), bring the world closer.