18-19 mei 2019


About Kokopelli

What is Kokopelli?

  • The world in the centre of Gullegem
  • Cultural diversity
  • Adventurous music
  • Ecological

The festival saw the light in 2007. It’s even more than a festival, as Kokopelli puts forward different awareness activities about global citizenship. All is run by the ngo Kokopelli.

Why is Kokopelli more than music?

The festival has its feet in the world. Not only do we follow music trends, we also focus on current global challenges and the state of the world. We want our visitor to be inspired about global citizenship, about the realization of interdependency and a shared responsibility for our world. This is the reason why Kokopelli is not only about music but also about culinary discoveries and cultural animation. Every year, we promote a central theme. We also highly encourage sustainability.

Where does the name Kokopelli come from?

Kokopelli is a male god of fertility in different Indian cultures in the south-west of the United States. In general, the god is depicted as a hunchbacked flute player with feathers on his head and a big phallus. Being a god of fertility, Kokopelli decides about things like agriculture and child-birth. He also impersonates the idea of music.  

What is the mission of Kokopelli festival?

Organising the festival is only the means to achieve our socio-cultural objective, namely to promote peaceful cohabitation of diverse populations by getting the people in touch with other cultures. In this way, our organisation wants to stimulate a solidary society and to help avoiding intolerance and rigidity in our communities.

Can I help a hand at Kokopelli festival?

Yes, you can. We survive by volunteering. There are different working groups (decoration, communication, promotion, logistics, more than music…) that have regular meetings throughout the year. You can also help us out during the festival weekend itself:

  • Building up & building down
  • Bar personnel
  • Ecopelli dishwashing
  • Cleaning after each festival day

You want to get involved? Please do not hesitate and send us an email at

How do I keep track of Kokopelli festival?

You can subscribe to our newsletter via
Like our Facebook page:
Visit our website:

I want to make promotion for Kokopelli. What can I do?

Send us an email with your postal address and we will send you some posters.
You can invite friends online.
Tell your friends, neighbours and colleagues about Kokopelli and bring them along to the festival.

Environmental care and health

How does Kokopelli reduce garbage?

We want to contribute to a sustainable and environmental society by reducing waste. On top of that, we want to make our visitors aware of sustainability and waste production. We want them to realise that on a festival you can not just throw drinking cups or food plates on the ground.

These are some of our initiatives to keep our ecological footprint as low as possible:

  • Waste separation and sensitization. On the festival terrain and the camping grounds, we use event containers of Mirom. With clear information boards and a special chapter in the festival brochure we stimulate visitors to separate waste and explain them our waste management.
  • Avoiding trash. For less garbage, we serve our heavy beers in glasses, not in plastic cups. For other drinks we use disposable cups, but our cocktails go in reusable ones.
  • Environmental friendly decoration. The decorative elements at the festival are made from spare parts and leftovers from different wood, carpet and other companies. We make sure discarded materials enjoy a second life. Our working group ‘Decoration’ always chooses water-based paint.
  • Carpooling. We encourage our visitors to come to the festival by bike. People coming by car can subscribe to a carpooling forum. In this way, even our visitors contribute to a greener festival.
  • Environmental friendly food stalls. Our caterors are obliged to sign a document in which they express their agreement to not provide plastic eating utensils, but to use reusables ones instead.
  • The press-work of the festival (including the children’s festival newspaper) is 100% eco.
  • Fair trade. One of our partners, Oxfam World Shop Wevelgem, sells fair trade coffee. Also the wine we serve and a part of our juices are fair trade.  

How does Kokopelli cope with noise barriers?

In the first place we expect our sound engineers and artists to respect the sound standards. During the festival we provide free ear plugs. Special sound cables on the festival make sure that hard of hearing with a hearing device can listen to the music without surrounding sound interference.

How can I protect my hearing?

Get your free ear plugs on the terrain. We also sell qualitative headphones for children.

Why does Kokopelli care about the environment?
Because we want to care for Mother Earth, for the ones who currently live on it and for our future generations. We want Kokopelli to be a fun, but also a respectful event.


Can I access the festival terrain in a wheelchair?
Yes you can. For disabled people there is a reserved parking, a stage for wheelchair users, a hearing cable on the festival grounds.

If you are disabled and you’d like to come to Kokopelli, feel free to contact for any questions. We collaborate with Inter to monitor our accessibility. We are proud to be awarded to Intro OK-label.

Can I get close to the stage in a wheelchair?
At the main stage and in the barn, there is a stage fo wheelchair to ensure good visibility of the performer’s stages. On the festival terrain and the camping grounds, wheelchair traffic is facilitated.

I’m using a wheelchair and I have a companion. Can he/she join me?
Unfortunately, we can not provide free tickets for wheelchair companions.

Is there a minimum age for Kokopelli?

No. Everybody’s welcome. Youngsters under 16 are even granted free entrance.


What are the opening hours of the terrain?

  • Friday: 9pm – 2.30am
  • Saturday: 2pm – 2.30am
  • Sunday: 11am – 10pm

Can I stay overnight at Kokopelli?

Yes, in two ways.

There is a camping. See FAQs or … (link)

We also offer accommodation at the Ibis Hotel in Kortrijk. This offer is only valid online and is to be booked beforehand.

Can I reach the festival by public transport?

Search your best route at

The nearest train stations are Kortrijk, Wevelgem and Bissegem.

The nearest bus stop is ‘Gullegem Plaats’ (bus 42, 61, 62).

Can I take my dog?

No. Dogs are not allowed on the festival terrain, except for assistance dogs.

Do children need to pay an entrance fee?

No. Free entrance for youngsters till the age of 16.

Is there a car parking?

On the market square (in Kerkstraat) just behind the church of Gullegem, there is a public parking space. It’s only 300m from the festival grounds. At the festival terrain itself, we provide 3 parking spaces for disabled people.

What can I eat at Kokopelli?

A wide range of global dishes, meals and deserts is offered on the festival grounds.

Can I leave my bike safely at Kokopelli?

Right in front of the festival gate (Peperstraat) there is a large parking for bicycles.

Music and animation

Who chooses the artists performing at Kokopelli?

Done by a special working group consisting of world music fanatics.

Can I introduce artists?

Sure. Feel free to contact

Where can I find the line-up of our previous editions?



Where can I order tickets for the festival?

    Online on our website (link)
    At different presale points: Oxfam World Shop Gullegem, Café den Osse Gullegem, Café de Gouden Bank Gullegem, Café Dudu Heule, CC Guldenberg Wevelgem

Kokopelli’s volunteers do not sell tickets.